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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 21, 2013 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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area fog redeveloping. not as thick or as dense as yesterday. you may encounter that if you are one of our viewers in virginia as you get down to manassas and culpeper. current temperature, reagan national 73°, 69 at both dulles and bwi marshall. we are going to warm it up quickly and well into the 80s by late afternoon. partial sunshine. we have threat of a few showers and or thunderstorm in the forecast this afternoon. not going to be a washout. we have potential for a few showers. keep that in mind. warm and humid. couple late day showers, 88 your daytime high. that is weather forecast. let's get the roads forecast. >> hey, tucker, a lot of slow traffic on the beltway. outer loop remains slow west of
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650 trying to get through silver springs. southbound vw parkway slowing 197 to powder mill road. crowding the right lane, difficult to see from this camera angle. slow traffic after 202 headed to new york avenue split. no problems to record downtown. northbound 395 slowing out of duke street headed to seminary road. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> all right. julie, thank you. students in georgia will return to school one day after a man shot at the school.
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>> there are new talks and safety procedures across the nation. fox a 5 melanie alnwick is live. >> reporter: this discussion has been going on more seriously than ever especially since the shootings in newtown, connecticut. many schools are upgrading plans. in decatur, georgia, school children fleeing for their lives from a gunman intent on doing harm. brandon hill was dressed in black. many schools are reviewing their security and upgrading where necessary. prince georges' county will put panic buttons around each school building. university of maryland eastern short are buying bullet proof
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white boards. manufacturer is providing them for schools on the eastern shore. virginia created a new security task force. now schools will have to hold two lock down drills each year and audits and new funding for security upgrades if they are identified as being needed. >> overseas, news alert from syria, hundreds may have died in a poison gas attack near the capitol. 650 died by government forces not far from damascus. rebels say the syrian regime fired rockets with poisonness gas war heads. the time is strange after the chemical weapons team arrived this week.
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they are reviewing a cutoff of military aid to egypt. crack down on islamist continues with the arrest of two or muslim brotherhood leaders. things are much quieter with banks and businesses now open. almost a thousand people have been killed since former president mohammed morsi ousted. >> time now 7:05. sarah simmons is talking about what is happening around the world around the nation. >> we begin with three big court cases. >> first a judge will decide how long army private bradley manning will face in prison. he faces up to 90 years for leaking documents to wikileaks. defense attorney asked for no
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more than 25 years. meanwhile, army major nidal hassan admitted to killing 13 people on the base in 2009. a judge adviced him to turn his defense over to back up attorneys. jurors could begin deliberations as soon as tomorrow. he faces the death penalty. back here at home, day three of vanessa pham murder trial. pham fought her attacker suffering more than a dozen defense wounds. stab wounds to neck and chest caused her death. her killer, julio blanco garcia possibly left items behind. julio blanco garcia asked pham for a ride while carrying one-year-old daughter. his defense attorney claims he
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was high on pcp and didn't intend to kill pham. two oklahoma teenagers accused of killing a college baseball player from australia. a third teen charged with accessory to the crime. boys are 15, 16, and 17 years old. they gunned down the 22 year old promising student quote because they were bored. christopher lane jogging when he was shot in the back. he was about to begin his senior year, allison and wisdom. makes you wonder what is going on in this world, shooting people because you are bored. >> awful story. >> it makes me very angry. sarah, thank you so much. >> also in the news, dr. oz proved he walks the walk as well. yesterday, he found himself in the middle of a real life or
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death situation. >> again this happened yesterday afternoon in new york city police say out of control cab jumped a curb in busy of midtown hitting a cyclist. pedestrian, 23-year-old british tourist has her leg severed in the accident. dr. oz rushed over to lend a helping hand. the real hero was a plumber who may have been the woman's guardian angel. >> there was a dog leash and belt saved her life. we were able to stop the bleeding. you don't have much time. you pour out blood when your leg is severed. >> i pulled it as tight as i could. >> wow. that was a plumber, david justino seen with dr. odd.
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dr. oz's facebook page praises him for quick thinking and wished the woman a speedy recovery. last word the doctors were trying to reattach her leg because another person packed it in ice. >> they did the right thing. >> cream center, at the center of a contra ver si. >> how one math class proved double staffed might be a lie. >> got my attention. priceless memories, firsthand witnesses to march on washington gathered in d.c. for a special celebration. we are going to take you there. >> first honoring the best of the best, '72 dolphins get their white house moment.
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>> can i give a shout out to our producer? he is wonderful and random at the same time. who is this? >> cat stephens? >> we don't call him cat anymore. >> 7:13 is the time. >> kids going back to school. >> getting their education on. a big thank you for all of you sending in your back to school pictures. this one, or three are from ariel from arch bishop carol in the district.
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>> she got a collage. i just put this app on my phone. very cool. she is giving us the whole view there, i love it. have a good school year. >> keep in mind we want to see your back to school selfieselfi. send them #backtoschoolselfie. >> kids are on the cutting edge style wise as long as it is good taste. >> they are on the cutting edge, you have to keep them in line. on this side of the cutting
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edge. >> keep the selfies coming. >> temporarily dressing for summertime next couple of days. >> could be tomorrow, back in a tank top and sweater with the summer. >> might be complicated with three girls? >> i am talking about summer, the weather has been cold and warm. >> i am talking about girls. >> they are almost independent. >> still have to keep an eye on them. >> we are looking great. again dress summary, hit the pool, we are running out of time. 72 in washington. new york and boston 73°. upper 80s near 90. warmed up quickly yesterday once we get rid of the fog. the fog is back particularly south and west of the city, manassas, culpeper,
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warrenington. little cloud cover, partly sunny. off to north and west, couple features, upper level low through ohio valley and give us few scattered showers and thunderstorms. that is a big change from yesterday. few storms in the forecast. up to minneapolis, rain, a lot of cold front, 88 today, 90 tomorrow, behind the front, cooler, less humid air, saturday and sunday. beautiful weekend. >> last weekend for my county.
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>> does your littlest want to dress like the oldest? >> not necessarily. they all have their own independence. >> it is a battle. power of wills with the little and big. >> but the momma wins? >> always. [laughter]. >> all right. you guys, on the roads, slow traffic in virginia, right here as well as you travel around the capitol beltway from anna dale eastbound 66 -- east 123, outer loop college park headed to georgia avenue. keep in mind the accident activity has been cleaned up and moved over to the shoulder. 197 to powder mill road. authorities are checking for a crash 450-202. enjoy this, this is going to change once the kids go back to
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school. heavy volume 124 to 370. southbound 355 no problems heading to rockville. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie, new this morning, d.c.'s police chief pays tribute, chief kathy will honor at the tomb of the unknown. usually the wreath laying duty is for foreign dignitaries. >> 1972 miami dolphins finally got their due. >> president obama welcomed super bowl champs to honor their unrivalled nfl defeat. the team never got white house
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moment, that president, richard nixon was preoccupied with water gate. >> just a tad bit busy to talk about football. among the attendees, coach don shulla and larry zonka. >> president obama: i know some are hard to recognize, they don't have the afros or mutten chops or few man chews. >> see those yellow jackets. historic team gave president obama a signed jersey with the name undefeated with the number 72. >> look at don shulla. >> that is a long time ago. seems like another president would have them in there.
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>> it is true. >> it is not like the president isn't busy. >> it is 7:19, a wednesday morning. marching the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. >> coming up, finding a home for this guy. holly morris is going to tell us if that is tito or not. she is live with more. >> you know i like a challenge, wisdom. [laughter] 
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>> 7:23, we are just a few days out from the historic march in washington. last night at the library, participants say they came from all over the united states including new york and ohio to take part in the events back in 1963.
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one of the most memorable things is the large group of people. d.c. library is collecting photos and memorabilia. you can be a part of it tonight. >> that's right, praise and worship church takes place at 1100 north capitol street. a number of clergy members and a lot of music. we are going to find out more when the clergy network joins us and a special performance of the freedom songs. >> major vince gray will detail an event today. >> dr. king was an advocate for d.c. home rule and state advocates scheduled a rally.
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>> just a reminder, wisdom, we want you to help us tell the story. send us your picture, recollections, e-mail us at, tweet us #myfoxdc or on facebook. bring them to the lobby, put my name on it i'll get them to it. >> we'll put you on "fox 5 morning news." still ahead in our next half hour, unemployment is up in the metro region. sequester could be to blame. >> could our area be on the brink of economic disaster? we are talking to a local person. >> the latest on the more
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seasonable temperatures, tucker is next.  self-feez selfies
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate cdenier, forced the universityae to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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>> that is your rain dance? you missed that, allison. tucker barnes shimmy. >> you did a move? >> just a little bit. >> i don't have a lot of energy. >> tucker not feeling well. but you are here. >> weather forecast looking good. we are turning the corner to september. >> who knows. >> light starts to change. things feel differently. i want to start with the mention of the fog. not as dense as yesterday. still an issue, particularly south and west visibilities are greatly reduced and reports of fog, warnington, manassas, culpeper, front royal, you have fog as well trying to sneak into washington. it is possible some of you up to potomac might encounter fog as well.
7:29 am
here are your visibilities, issue to the south and west. manassas currently only a half mile visibility, culpeper you are at 0. three in martinsburg, came bridge, half mile. sauls bury, lot of fog issues, 1/10 of a mile. like yesterday, we are going to warm up quickly. upper 80s later this afternoon with humidity as well. it is going to feel like summertime, 73, washington, nice mild start, 66 gaithersburg, ignore 48, manassas is getting a bad reading. 62 in hagerstown. generally quiet, piece of energy, upper level low up in ohio valley. that slides into a moist atmosphere. we could fire up a shower or
7:30 am
thunderstorm. they will be widely scattered. there will be a few later today. tomorrow, cold front here out to minneapolis. that means business. that gives us a better chance of showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon hours tomorrow and tomorrow night. behind that front, cooler drier air for the weekend. should be beautiful as we get friday afternoon into the weekend. few storms and watch the cold front north and west with a few more showers and storms. 88 today, partly sunny, 72 tonight, warm and muggy overnight, early shower and or storm. accuweather seven day, if you have weekend plans, should be weather wise close to perfect. lower humidity as well both weekend days. that is your forecast.
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let's do traffic, see if julie wright will drieliver on the roads. >> eastbound 66 coming in out of manassas, tapping the brakes approaching business 234. leaving fair oaks eastbound 123, you are in for a slow stretch. kennel worth avenue northbound 295 traffic open but slow. checking for the crash at 7th and constitutional avenue. this is lower 14th street after the 14th street bridge pass today reagan building. back out on the topside of the beltway, definitely a slow ride out of college park headed through silver spring. southbound on -- out of jerman
7:32 am
germantown 270. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you very much. we told you yesterday, federal sequester is take a toll. a rise in unemployment, cuts came from professional services and government. should we be worried congress is nowhere close to a budget deal? we turn to david persell. thanks for being with us, david. >> thank you. >> sort of a troubling headline, how do you read this headline? what is going on? >> the sequester is not necessarily a blount trauma to the head of our region, but more a sickness that has spread throughout the entire economy.
7:33 am
obviously started back in march. federal government and federal contracting slowing down for some time prior to this. it is a slow moving event. we are not seeing massive layoffs, contracts not being led out to contractors when employees retire or leave the federal government or even state and local governments. they are not being rehired as of yet. it has not been the blount trauma we are fearing. >> we often hear our area is pardon the expression "bullet proof" because we have government here, because d.c. is this hub of activity, not necessarily so, these numbers are showing. how have we been hit specifically in our area? >> there is truth in conventional wisdom. federal government is here in
7:34 am
washington, d.c. that is not going anywhere as far as any of us know. there will be the base of employment. i would say where we differ is that we have professional services industries, defense contractors, other government contractors deliberately located to do business with the federal government. that contracting business has been up and up and up for decades until 2010 when the amount of contracting peaked. last couple of years small reductions and that trend is likely to continue. we have that sector of the economy not technically part of the federal government but tied to the federal government. >> when congress returns, they get big budget issues looming once again, ground hog day once again talking about debt ceiling and possible shutting down of
7:35 am
the government, how does that play in with the numbers and bouncing back at the same time? >> i wish i had a good answer. there are other experts that specialize in that. they probably don't know. so much of what happens in congress is due to today's political issue or next year's elections. it is hard to say what congress will come up with. what i will say though, in this region, there have been seasonal variations we are looking at that have affected the numbers in the passed couple of months. yet yesterday's report is a good example. in the case of government contractors, september is the month where spending gets put out throughout contractors, lull
7:36 am
in the summer and spike in the fall. >> are you expecting that this time? will that be a big indicator that the sequester has affected this? >> even stronger what happens after that. september is the last month of the federal fiscal year. dell tech put out a report saying they still expect to see september and fourth quarter contracting be up from the third quarter. what happens in the next fiscal year which is the first full fiscal year will be the stronger indicator. >> should we hit the panic button? it is true to pattern? >> it is true to pattern. the down sizing in not just the federal government, also state and local governments well
7:37 am
underway in responds to other trends. sequester has not helped with the recovery from the great recession. it has not been this catastrophic event some feared. >> all right. david parsells from george mason university, thank you. >> thank you. >> wisdom over to you. >> thank you, allison. ahead at 7:00, is oreo lying about their cookie and cream? some say yes. time now is 7:38, we'll be back. the nest has been getting a littlele too quiet of late. so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ]
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mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens.
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welcome back "fox 5 morning news." oreo's double stuffed cookies are apparently packed with lies, allison seymour. a high school math teacher had them measure height and weight of three sets of cookies, regular, double stuffed and megastuffed. cookies didn't have as much
7:41 am
cream as the packaging indicating. in fact the so-called double stuffed 1.86 times the size of regular oreos. >> isn't that a enough? >> if you are an oreo expert, you should ask them. >> is that enough? >> it is not enough. british paper reached out to nabisco. it stands by the packaging. >> there is only one. >> good point, tucker. >> is it double stuffed? >> i have both. >> does it say double the icing? >> last year subway had foot long, they measured and measure and quarter inches.
7:42 am
that is different. they said it was a foot long. >> this is like when they say real fruit with fruit and not really fruit. it is artificial. >> sounds like a congressional hearing. >> please don't say that. >> if you want true double stuffed, take off the normal ones. >> then you have to buy two packs. >> that is not a problem for you. >> are you saying i have issues, allison? >> i like my oreos. >> i never noticed there is only one f on the stuff. >> let's go to fog. once again south and west of town. it is going to burn off, just like yesterday, warming up mid to upper 80s. there is a threat of shower or thunderstorm. there is your fog south and west of the city. this is day no. 3, sorry.
7:43 am
you can see it towards front royal and culpeper and western side of washington. in fact, last look in salisbury, visibility 1/10 of a mile. fog will burn off, future cast, people can find thunderstorms down the road. morning hours nice and dry, 1:00 popping a shower or two, 4:00-6:00, few more showers or scatter thunderstorm. better chance tomorrow as a cold front comes through. as that front moves off the coast friday, we should be back into less humid and some what cooler air for the weekend. 88 today, near 90. possible shower or thunderstorm. saturday, sunday, lower humidity
7:44 am
next weekend. >> nice. excellent. double stuffed weekend. >> make everyday double stuffed. why do you have to end on the weekend. >> that's right, tucker, days that end in y. >> eastbound 66 coming in from fair oaks, slowing for folks continuing leaving fair oaks over to 123. nt activity.braddic road, we had can we get that up on the teleprompter. thank you. no accidents i-95 out of virginia. lanes opening out of dale city. base will slow through wood bridge and leaving for the -- kennel worth avenue remains slow out of d.c. avenue.
7:45 am
no accidents to report rolling down the hill. let's continue with the maps. accident activity traveling into downtown heads up along northbound seventh street at constitutionality. metro's orange line experiencing delays due to a train malfunction. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thanks so much, julie. 7:46 on this wednesday morning. coming up next, helping find a four-legged friend a home. >> good morning, holly morris. >> reporter: good morning. i know miles and james are cute. if you want uber cute, look at zipo and bungee. there are a lot of homes looking for homes at washington animal
7:46 am
rescue league. they have not just your usual adop adoptathon, they are in a nationwide competition. 
7:47 am
"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
7:48 am
it's been called "cuccinelli's witch hunt" "designed to intimidate and suppress" ken cuccinelli used taxpayer funds to investigate a uva professor whose research on climate change cuccinelli opposed. cuccinelli, a climate change denier, forced the university to spend over half a million dollars defending itself against it's own attorney general. ken cuccinelli. he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
7:49 am
♪ >> don't tell lady gaga, but i like that song better than hearse. -- hers. >> one local organization could be close to bringing home a celebrity challenge to find homes for pets. >> you can help holly live at
7:50 am
washington pets. you know i am at my limit. you are responsible for two out of three of my dogs. >> there is always room in your work bag, allison. >> okay. talk to me. >> reporter: tito is tugging at my heart. he is lovable, cute and look. he would work in a lot of people's homes. right now, there is a huge competition that is going on and we in washington area can help put washington animal rescue league on top. bob raymond is ceo. >> i have animal handler extraordinary in holly. thank you, we are in a big competition. the winners are titos and our
7:51 am
cats and other dogs. it is aspca competition. the real winners are titos and our cats. >> reporter: it brings aware nsz to the shelters enough about that we want to win. >> we are in it to win it. we need everybody's help. >> reporter: i know you are at the top in your division. you are 14th nationwide. >> we are gunning. we want to get 800 adoptions, dogs and cats out the door. we started counting june 1st and done on august 13 31st. we are stacked to the gills with great cats, kittens, puppies and dogs. >> you have got to come here. >> when you have your ado adoptathon, how does it work? >> reduced adoption fees.
7:52 am
our whole purpose is to get these into homes. 11:00-5:00, sunday. >> reporter: you are a little off the beat and path. >> i always say i am going to dress up like the statute of liberty and juggle puppies. we have wonderful, wonderful staff and volunteers. >> reporter: what is your advice for people to come, what should they be thinking? >> i am going to add a pet to my home today. we have everything ready for you to take home a dog or cat.
7:53 am
adoption counselors, medical staff to give you every bit of advice. we have a wonderful training program, too. if you adopt a puppy, we have puppy kindergarten. we have everything right here to help you out take an animal home. less time in a shelter, even though we have a wonderful place to stay, tito needs to go home. >> you are the washington annual rescue league, you cater to beyond the d.c. border. >> we do. that is our job to serve this community. we welcome people from outside the district lines. a lot of our adopters are from maryland and virginia. we have people that look on our website to see the available animals coming down from new york. you can fall in love with the picture, too. >> reporter: you and i were
7:54 am
talking, you have something for everyone. a lot of times people want puppies. you have a new program called seniors for seniors. >> absolutely. people make working a lot and need an animal that doesn't need to go out as much. we have animals that fit that, dogs and cats that can fit your life style. every animal goes through a behavior assessment. are they low key? are they high key, get along with others? do they like to be by themselves. that is all about making that best match. >> reporter: there is bungee. james might have a tough time giving up bungee. and zippo with miles. the staff here practice what they preach.
7:55 am
they have adopted 641 animals. first one adopted went to bob. [laughter]. >> i had to help the cause. i was no. 1. i have max who came to us from kind of a changed situation. i am so happy. it is easy to shop where you work. >> reporter: i like that. is our website. we have a link to washington annual rescue league. this last week is a big push. in the end it is all about this face, allison, if you have two, why not have three? >> you know i have three now? >> reporter: okay, what is four? [laughter]. >> tito sure is cute. thank you. time for facebook fan of the day, we say hello to tawana. she says she feels like we are family.
7:56 am
consider us family, for your chance to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day, post a comment below to her lovely picture. >> next hour, continuing the work started by faithful martin luther king jr.>> kicking off the march on washington 50th anniversary celebration with a praise and worship service. time is 7:57. we'll be right back. 
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>> straight ahead at 8:00, trust issues take center stage. new numbers that show what could be in the governor's race. good wednesday morning, i am sarah simmons. >> and i am allison seymour. >> dr. barbara skinner and nicky learner will join us live for the praise and worship ceremony. >> sharks swimming in the water around the metro region.
8:00 am
a fisherman caught two. >> tucker barnes, we were talking about these sharks. >> apparently it is not that uncommon. >> are you going to show the picture? >> weather forecast if you are fishing, good day. >> okay. >> always a good day to go fishing. >> or go to school. st. mary's shout out. first day of school. still a little bit of fog, here in northwest washington, beautiful. little bit of hazy sunshine. upper 60s, low 70s. upper 80s this afternoon, threat of shower or thunderstorm. most of the area is not going to see much. 75 in washington, 71 this morning, dulles, bwi marshall.
8:01 am
here is your satellite radar, still dealing with fog south and west. i did much like yesterday, only change is a few showers and thunderstorms around later today with temperatures right in the upper 80s. this is more typical for most of august. >> had it easy. >> we have. >> thanks, tucker. >> on time traffic brought to you by toyota. >> did you like that dance when you were finishing up on weather. >> that is vacation dance. >> me, too. >> sounds like sarah and i will be the only people here. >> yes. all right. you guys on the roads this morning, accident activity. we are still busy clearing this
8:02 am
northbound 7th street at constitutional avenue. follow police direction. inner loop at the beltway, expressway entrance headed in the direction of braddic road. slow traffic northbound 301 leaving brandy wine. no accidents, just volume. let's continue with the cameras. traveling kennel worth avenue headed to 11th street bridge. northbound 395 between beltway and king street headed to lower 14th street no accidents just volume delays headed to the reagan building. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thank you, top stories at 8:00. >> trust could be the common factor in serves as governor.
8:03 am
48% of likely voters support democrat terry. opposed to ken cuccinelli. both candidates have seen their share of scandals. 42% found cuccinelli trustworthy. 49% -->> bob mcdonnell dodges questions about a gift scandal. when asked about the investigation surrounding him and wife centering on thousands of dollars of gifts and loans,
8:04 am
bob mcdonnell said he is not going to let it distract. >> that is absolutely false. this is what i do. i have done hundreds of events, business, veterans. i travel the state like i do every summer to be able to talk to people and listen to people. >> u.s. attorneys are currently deciding whether to file charges. governor has paid back $120,000 back in loans, sarah? >> they want delegate don dwier out. he was arrested and charged with drunk driving. he was arrested for operating a boat. the accident fractured the skull of a five-year-old girl. he said he had two beers but failed two sobriety tests.
8:05 am
>> 645 million dollar facility will replace financially prince george s' hospital. it will hope in 2014. >> also new, troubling news about test scores in commonwealth. >> states most recent standards of learning scores shows 75% of students pass the reading test down from 89 test the previous year. education officials blame drop on introduction of tests. state introduced harder math test previous year. >> turning to the crisis in egypt the government arrested two muslim brotherhood leaders.
8:06 am
>> white house is considering cutting off aid. foxes doug lou saizer has more. >> white house has avoided taking voids in egypt. for now the decision is to not make a decision. >> reporter: more protests in egypt. cabinet members seen quietly arriving for national security meeting to decide what will happen. publically the administration was circling the wagons. published reports suggest assistance to egypt have been cut off are not accurate. some say president is skirting u.s. law.
8:07 am
which says they should be cut off if there is a coo. >> if the united states doesn't use the influence then it has no influence. so far the united states has sent a very, very mixed message to the people who have caused mayhem in the streets of cairo and egypt. >> reporter: that influence has limits. united states contributing 1.6 billion dollars to egypt is dwarfed coming from countries like saudi arabia. >> still ahead at 8:00, redskins get good news about another injured quarterback. >> a man makes a surprising catch in the waters of maryland. 8:08. ♪
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♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around ♪ ♪ turn around ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪ ♪ of living off the taste of the air ♪ ♪ turn around, barry ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ ♪ ♪ i finally found the right snack ♪ try new fiber one peanut butter protein bars.
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so i decided it was time to find some real harmony with nature. [ screaming ] whoo! oh, yeah. elmo! [ howling ] mmm! [ eagle chirps ] [ train whistles ] [ bird chirping ] [ screaming ] [ tuba bellows ] whoa. hey! [ screaming ] [ snoring ] music to mom's ears. we may live in houses, but we're born for busch gardens. >> have you ever heard this song
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before? >> i haven't. should i know this song? >> i don't know it either, i don't think. >> there are rumors, sarah, the band insync are going to join justin timberlake during mtv's vma's "new york post" reporting they will join them for a special performance. it would be cool. >> what have they been doing? >> tucker did give us the thumbs down, i saw that, tucker. trying to do a news report. they had a tour with the other boy band, insync and back street boys. >> new kids on the block. >> never mind.
8:12 am
n sync wasn't in that. they are like hey, justin. >> i wonder how old they are? >> sadly much younger than me, still. >> a father to be picked up a phone for help, less than five minutes his baby boy is born. >> where else, than on the side of the road. fox 5's melanie alnwick sat down with the operator. >> what is the emergency? >> i am on 100, my wife is on labor. >> reporter: it was a conversation megan will never forget. she has received calls about labor pains this was a first. >> water just broken, they don't have the baby until they are at
8:13 am
the hospital or maybe the ambulance. >> reporter: the mom and dad pulled over, you can hear the father's disbelief. >> she is saying she is delivering. >> she is full term, correct? >> she was a lot calmer i would be if i were on the other end. >> reporter: megan had an ambulance in route, within seconds it was go time. >> the head is out there. >> reporter: bouncing baby boy made the entrance inside his parent's car. >> the baby is out? >> he is completely out now? >> okay. is the baby crying and breathing? >> yes. >> okay. you have a towel or t-shirt or clothe with you? >> you can hear him crying on the audio tape. >> reporter: amazingly this little boy was the third baby
8:14 am
born out of the delivery room in our area in the past three weeks. august 1st, a woman delivered on metros lay font station and last thursday a little girl born along i-270. >> i don't know if people are waiting longer or traffic? not sure. >> reporter: megan says she was honored to be part of one family's special day. >> you have the fear you don't want complications, you are excited you get to be a part of that. no matter what happens, there was a baby this morning. >> wow, can you believe it? >> lauren demarco reporting there. >> to be on the phone when that is happening. i wonder if that is a better place than physically in the car? >> i would think so. that is amazing. they are calling that baby, we are not sure about the name. they are calling him cayman.
8:15 am
>> that is a cute name. >> uh huh. >> speaking of cute. >> tucker barnes has an adorable picture, my first 5. tucker barnes, take it away. >> thank you, allison. my first 5 photo of the day. >> beautiful hair, by the way. shiny. >> here we go, my first 5 photo of the day. this is madison. >> hi madison. >> sporting the three-year-old look. she posed for this picture recently at her sister's birthday party. >> she is adorable. >> i am wondering if she is like there is another picture of me. >> she is super cute. super cute dress for the birthday party. >> i like her hair cut. >> she has a style already.
8:16 am
>> i wonder who her stylist is? >> i bet it is mommy. what a cutie pie, hi madison. >> thank you for having your family send it in. go to click on mornings. let's get to it. summer dress, upper 80s near 90s, 75 in washington. let's take a spin across the country, 62 international falls. most of the real august heat in the desert southwest, phoenix, 90°. it has not been a terribly hot month for the lower 48 here. these temperatures have been running cool. won't be cool today, mid to upper 80s. southerly flow today and tomorrow before things change up for the weekend. satellite radar, generally
8:17 am
quiet. local dense to our south and west. in the last 15 minutes, that is starting to improve. should be a partly sunny day. later this afternoon, few showers and or thunderstorm could pop up. better chance tomorrow up and ahead along a cold front. you see that up towards minneapolis. thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon cooler air filters in for our weekend. right now looking good. low 80s. that is our weather forecast. i am going to hand it to julie wright who has your traffic. [laughter]. >> all right. tucker, i know how old the boys of in sync are. we have the ages. justin 32, recently married, jace si 37, chris kirpatrick, 40 years old. >> are you a stocker? >> no.
8:18 am
>> go ahead. lance bass is 34 years old. >> i always assumed i could be their mother. date them or marry them if i weren't married, of course. >> justin is a baby. >> i don't know who chris is? >> the braids and funny hair. [singing]>> never mind, we are not dancing. >> you know those moves, sarah, traveling northbound i-95, coming out of fredricksburg you are okay. stafford, 32 miles an hour traveling north up to acquire harbor. traffic slowing in springfield. 395 leaving beltway to kings street. in maryland 28 miles an hour coming in 212. baltimore washington parkway 31 miles an hour headed into
8:19 am
downtown northbound 7th street at constitutional avenue. activity which happened earlier, tying up the right side of the road. quick look at southbound 270, big delays 118 headed south into rockville. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> julie, thanks. thanks for all of that. there are sharks in the potomac river. they are big, too. caught by a fisherman, willy dean says they are bull sharks and weigh 225 pounds u.>> he got worried as they travel in schools and known to be aggressive. they were caught 200 yards from where a lot of kids are swimming. it is not this first time he has caught a shark in his net. he caught one a few years ago in the same area that weighed 300
8:20 am
pounds. >> oh my goodness. he is the nets out there. apparently they think the sharks are going after the rock fish he is trying to cash. >> they are in there. >> they are big. they can be if provoked, you know. they can attack. >> don't want to see that swimming in the potomac river. >> that is scary. >> national zoo for a moment. zoo's elephant herd is going to double in size thanks to a 2 million dollar donation. zoo will receive three female elephants from calvary zoo in canada. thanks, canada. they will arrive next spring. they are expected to stay
8:21 am
indefinitely. >> they share a lot of good things with us? >> what else? >> like justin bieber. >> we like our resident canadians. >> it is now 8:21, wednesday morning, coming up next, nats get back on track in dhi chicago. >> a computation fierce and fluffy. holly morris is bringing star power to the plight of pets. >> you want in? julie wants in. >> that dog is adopted before we even go to break it is 8:22. ♪
8:22 am
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8:24 am
♪ on monday, nats acquired david dejesus from the cubs hours later he was placed on revokeable trade waivers. bottom of the fourth, nats lead 1-0. dan harris turns on inside pitch right center field to tie game 1-1. top of the sixth, tyler moore
8:25 am
grounder deep into the hole. ryan zimmerman scores, deep to second. comes off the bag and tagged. nats won 4-2. >> mri results in, looks like redskins quarterback kirk cousins will be ready for the season opener. rex grossman and pat white maybe the features qb's against the bulls saturday. >> all right. let's take you to 50 years after the march on washington. >> coming up, more on an event leading to big anniversary focussing on fight for rekwal rights is front and center. we'll be right back. time the 8:26 right now. ♪
8:26 am
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♪ >> sorry, that is the truth. you have to go back to school. st. marys start back today.
8:29 am
this is sam and her back to school selfie. she tweeted us saying senior year! >> i can't tell what she has got on. i noticed her face. >> super cute. >> we hope it is a great year, sam. make sure you enjoy it. >> it was awesome. >> keep the selfies going tweet us @backtoschoolselfie. we expect to get picks from st. marys county. kids heading back to school. actual selfie. i know it is hard. >> i need to practice. >> you do have to practice. mine is a selfie on my twitter page. that took several retakes. >> i have to check it out. >> i have to crop it.
8:30 am
you don't want the hand in. >> there is a lot to it. >> only certain times, i would do senior year again. >> you are confident. >> you rule the school. >> it is a great year. >> if you go back, look at "grease" as an adult, how do we think they were in high school. rizo was like 32 years old. >> i am not a fan of that movie. >> it is like a musical, which i know you hate? >> i do know every word. nobody is going to be mad. >> okay. i aim going to do weather. we are off to a -- scandalous.
8:31 am
>> isolated storms, warm and humid day. sarah, how could you hate john travolta? >> i just am annoyed by it. >> reagan international 73, 72 leonardtown. manassas disregard the 48°. you are likely in the upper 60s. 64 up in fredricksburg. partly sunny, warm, humid. highs in the upper 80s. we may get to 90 south and west of the city. big change from yesterday, a few showers. upper level low off to the west in fact towards the ohio valley. that will push in to a warm and
8:32 am
fairly tropical atmosphere. that is a big change from yesterday. further upstream, that is the cold front up to minneapolis. that will bring us showers and thunderstorms tomorrow as well. behind that front, cooler and drier air for the weekend. here is your future cast. you can see a couple of showers. much of the day, much of the region is dry. future cast seems to like a little shower complex, maybe a thunderstorm off to the west by 7:00. quiet down before we do it again tomorrow with the cold front. better chance of widespread showers and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. here is a look at your seven-day forecast, 88 this afternoon. near 90 tomorrow with storms possible tomorrow afternoon. behind that front, sunshine, lower humid and comfortable. friday and saturday and sunday look great. this is your forecast.
8:33 am
sarah, tossing it to you. >> tucker, thank you. we are one week out from the 50th historic march in washington. a praise and worship service happens at mount air ray baptist church on north capitol street open to the public. heading up the event dr. barbara skinner, ceo of skinner leadership institute. dr. skinner joins us. >> thank you. >> this is quite
8:34 am
>> the strategies are important, what is it that made king stay in the battle. we go out and march once, trayvon martin or a big event, a tragedy, sandy hook, we get passionate for a weekend, 9/11 happens, we gather. what keeps you out there so long you are willing to give your life for? that is what we are willing to discover.
8:35 am
>> that is something reverend al sharpton says it is a continuation of dr. king's messa message. explain to people that heading out for the service what they can expect? >> they can expect to hear the words of dr. king that sounds as though he was talking today written 50 years ago, why we can't wait, his measure of a man. chaos of community. he could be talking about voting rights, trayvon martin, stand your ground or food stamping or health care law. his voice is going to resonate through old and new testament scriptures read by jews and lutherans and christians together and music, freedom songs. people will be brought back into the spirit of love that fuel the movement. >> you talk about bringing that back to what is happening today. i would like to get your
8:36 am
thoughts and your take on where are we are today as a nation? how far have we come? do you think we have a lot of work left to do as well? >> we have come an incredibly long way. i never envision an african-american president, or to have women advance the way they have, african-americans in so many fields. as long as our children are killing each other, as long as they are not safe in school, as long as our old people are being discarded, as long as people that thought they had the right to vote can no longer enjoy that right, as long as latino americans are not secure about immigration, we have a lot of work to do. so this march is about the whole weekend, 21st-28th is about how we continue. tonight is a way for us to get inspired. >> this is the kickoff.
8:37 am
>> because faith was the bottom line of the civil rights movement. it was led by children. children who went to see "the butler" called me saying it was fabulous. they took their children and grandchildren who hardly know who dr. king was. we are asking people, bring your children. >> dr. skinner, read a passage from what dr. king would have said. we would like to hear ago little bit of that. >> when you read any of the five, six books dr. king wrote, sarah, it sounds like he is talking to us today. for example, on the issue of immigration, all men are interdependent. every nation is a vast treasure of the ideas and labor to which the living and dead of all nations have contributed. each one of us lives internally
8:38 am
in the red. we are connected to another. when he talks about poverty, for example, he says we hear these talks about our ability -- this is a myth, when a nation becomes involved in this kind of war, then the vietnam war, guns of war become a national obsession, social needs suffer. racial reconciliation, we have an inherited a large house, great world house in which we have to live together, black and white, easterner, westerner, we have to live together ch. >> nicky warner, you are the director of worship at the church. you have a song you are going to
8:39 am
sing "lord hold my hand while we run this race." >> absolutely, celebration is about dr. king and faith of the movement. this song is really about lord as i go forward, as all of us go forward in our things we have to battle through, hold my hand, give me strength. that is what we are going to sing. >> all right. nicky learner. ♪ the lord hold my hand while i run this race ♪ lord hold my hand while i run this race ♪ lord hold my hand while i run this race. i don't want to run this race in vain ♪
8:40 am
while i run this race, lord speak for me while i run this race ♪ lord speak for me ♪ while i run this race, lord speak for me ♪ i don't want to run this race in vain ♪ while i run this race, lord, search my heart ♪ while i run this race, lord, search my heart, while i run this race ♪ lord search my heart ♪
8:41 am
i don't want to run this race in vain ♪ and oh guide my feet while i run this race ♪ oh, guide my feet ♪
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8:44 am
>> we want you to help us, we want you to help us tell the story, send us pictures and recollectio recollections, e-mail us at tweet us @myfoxdc or up load pictures to our fox d.c. "fox 5 morning news" page. >> el moore wrote but best seller weren't until he was in his 60s, "out of sight" and "be cool." last fall he became the first
8:45 am
crime writer to get honorary national book reward. he died in his home in detroit of complications of a stroke. he was 87 years old. >> his work will live on. that is the best thing. >> let's check in with holly morris and see what she is into. hey, holly. >> reporter: this is like herding calf, this is like herding dogs. take a look, pencil, eraser and sharpy, they all need homes. they have a huge adoptathon. also puppy kindergarten, it is available even if you didn't get your dog here. all next on "fox 5 morning news." look at that.
8:46 am
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♪ >> some schools are already in session in our area.
8:49 am
this morning we are checking in on a very different class where the topics include sit, stay, stop chewing on everything and especially mom's shoes. >> holly has more from puppy kindergarten at washington animal rescue. >> that is what i am trying to teach my toddler right now. toddler, puppies, not too far off. here at washington annual rescue league, they have puppy kindergarten. obviously for the puppies, they offer classes on continual enrollment. which one is this? >> pencil, sharpy, and eraser.
8:50 am
>> an ounce of prevention creates -- when their puppies, enter k, they are in critical socialization period. you can teach them the most. they learn not to be scared of things and good habits right from the start. >> what are things you can show us? >> sure. this is pencil. in puppy k, we work on socializing your dog. a different surface, you want to have your dogs enjoy different surface, plastic surface and teach them how to sit, right. >> obviously, always doing positive reinforcement and treats? >> exactly. if we scare them, we have a
8:51 am
lasti lasting -- we won't have a lasting impact. >> how much is it training the dog owner? >> it is 70/30. >> is it a good idea to bring your kids? >> not only for the other puppies, they get the exposure. >> how long is it? >> it lasts six weeks. you come every week and practice these things, grooming techniques, handling with your dog, puppy play time and socialization with new people and it is a blast. >> i want to call the staff vet, good morning to you. >> how are you? >> >> reporter: i don't believe any of you have a hard job? [laughter]>> not at all. we do it for free.
8:52 am
>> reporter: sometimes when people are adopting a dog, one of the things that they are reticent is what is it going to cost me? >> when you adopt from our shelter, a lot of that pre-leg work is done. we have vaccinated them, dewormed them. lots of antiparasites. if you come to the shelter vs. a breeder or somebody you see in the newspaper, all that is done. that is thousands of dollars we have covered for you. >> reporter: if you adopt your dog or cat from here, you have a lifeline. you can call and ask questions. >> we recommend you go to your veterinarian. that relationship is great. continuity is care you develop with your veterinarian on a
8:53 am
day-to-day basis. we are not always around they are. >> reporter: right. >> i feel like we have hah hah, vetted our annals by choosing them to be healthy. we want you to continue that. again like alex ander is saying prevention, prevention, prevention. >> reporter: is our link. they have their adoptathon this saturday and sunday. they are in the aspca, rachel ray, they also have $25,000 prize, community engagement prize. via their facebook page. go in there, you can vote once a day as much as you can until the end of the month. okay, guys, i know this is pencil, eraser and marker. i am renaming them ben tar
8:54 am
bunch. dream maker heart breaker, up more washington league. >> is that the song you are doing, dream maker, don't you mess around with me? ♪ i also just showed my age. >> i am a little older. >> that is cute. >> still ahead in our next hour, thanks, holly, a tribute to those in law enforcement currently serving in active duty. >> we are taking you live to arlington national cemetery, live look right now. we'll bring you more coming up after the break. the nest has been getting a little too quiet of late.
8:55 am
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>> this is "fox 5 morning news."
8:58 am
>> 8:58, welcome back. i am allison seymour. >> i am wisdom martin. a school shooting inside a georgia elementary school. what we are learning about the suspect this morning. >> latest scare has parents on edge. new technology easing fear and concern. we are looking at new advancements that are helping make classrooms bullet proof plus... >> how a good samaritan and dr. oz helped save a woman's life. >> a little later, are you with the love of your life? if not, are you willing to ditch your current spouse for dream guy or girl? what most people said. it is a hot topic. >> it is controversial.
8:59 am
>> tucker barnes, good morning to you. >> in for warm and humid day, summery temperatures. >> we want down to the museum holly was at yesterday. good morning to everybody at museum of american history. >> believe that was the one. i get them confused at the smithsonian. from the emancipation proclamation to march on washington. wonderful, wonderful. >> all right. if you want to go to the mall, perfect day. might be a shower or thunderstorms. temperatures to continue, 76 in washington. 74 bwi marshall, dulles 76°. dealing with the fog, it is burning off. you can see the clouds spilling across


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